The Entire Genocide Engine Source Tree + Revisions 2017-2022


CEO of cancelled
As is, no warranty, most builds with crash etc.
There's probably some yanderedev level code, like the console for example lmao.

But I don't see myself working on it anytime soon, despite how much I think about revisiting it.
Last obstacle was that the collision checking code was inefficient as hell, and required reworking the OpenB3D engine it's based on, along with all the existing entity code to be modified to support blockmaps/chunks etc.

So I never worked on it since and lost motivation and moved onto smaller simpler projects.

Special thanks to all the patreon supporters throughout!

The Repository / Archive

The engine is compiled with BMX-NG 0.98, using the Blide IDE
It also uses the FMOD audio library in later builds which you can get here:

Blender .B3D format plugins and toolmenu:



"I bought mine on day one you fucking tard!"
Oh damn.
Well. I may see myself playing around with this engine sometime soon or something.

Nevertheless. If you want to work on this again, try and using C or C++ if you want to.
since some are used for modern engines or just for hobby engines
or for self made engines for their own games. (like HROT with it's custom pascal engine)