Caves Of Hell - Yoshondue


"I bought mine on day one you fucking tard!"
Game Name: Caves OF Hell
Author: Yoshondue
Type: First Person Shooter
Price: None, 'cause it's freeware dumbass
Engine: FPS Creator
Download link:
Ugh, You'll pay for that. (Catbox(dot)moe, Mediafire)
(Download Mirror note: there are ads on the mediafire link, so use Ublock origin. Eugh.)
OP's note:

This game is so fucking ass that it got killed off the internet.
I wanted to get this game to myself and also archive it because why the fuck not.
Apparently, Yoshondue now is into the diaper fetish. (Yuck.)

Seems some of the socials are still available but even so I'm just posting this here not because it's a good game ironically. It's a fucking shit game made by a now disgusting person.

This game is also made in FPS Creator which makes it even more shit.
But i did try running it on Linux on wine and it doesn't work under it because of the game being tooo fucking shit that it doesn't work on it

it's also available on along with some other shit games too right here (that's where i got the game from)

I won't be responsible if you get a brain damage, mental retardation or confusion for this
Blame the idiot who made this in 7 days for this game.

Here's some comments on someone's video about this shit game which will not be changed got the sake of it
"You THINK my game is bad? I worked real HARD on this game and i had so many fukkin head aches"
"I am not a good actor of my game but i tried to think of what i could say. I am also not a good actor... at all really. Sorry if you don't like it"
"Dude the music was made by me, i went to the piano downtown and practiced hours on my f**ing music"
"It is not shit, and it took time to make this fu***ng game at least give me credit for this hard work i put into this game"

UPDATE: i fucked up the main download link so it'll be just google drive until i have the time for reuploading it to catbox, fuckin' hell
UPDATE 2: the catbox link is now reuploaded along with a mediafire link aswell.​
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