Buggie: Above the Law - Buggieware


"I bought mine on day one you fucking tard!"
Game Name: Buggie: Above the Law
Author: Buggieware
Type: It can't decide itself so i'm saying it's just an adventure game
Price: it was on a shareware cd so it's maybe freeware
Engine: The Games Factory
Download link (INSTALLER):
Thank you, Come again! (Mediafire)
Download link (PORTABLE): Come here you little squirt. (Catbox(dot)moe, Mediafire)
(Download Mirror note: there are ads on the mediafire link, so use Ublock origin. Eugh.)
OP's note:

What is love? Well none apparently to this game.
It's so far the REAL oldest one aside from THAT GAME
It's from 1999 with the midis and everything.

And really hard like really hard.
No checkpoints either! so if you lose on the 5th or so level then Kiss your ass goodbye!
I did try getting this to run on Linux
aaaannndd.... IT DOES WORK!
although without the soundfont blasting the notes away
which can be reenabled via a simple guide that i got working
and so summarize the plot.
Buggie wants to go from Pennsylvania to Las Vegas.
But theres many obstacles in the way.
The Crips who can fire at while they turned their backs at you, Trains, Police, THE FUCKING TORNADO
and ofcourse....
The biker level where you have to jump over a gap.
(it's the shift button when you get there.)
It's so janky and shit that i had to put it here.
It has some copyrighted shit in there too so whatever and some midis being actual songs from other artists
And i've also provided a portable game file because it can be played like that too.
I hadn't bothered to provide screenshots for this game since the game is shit yet again.

If you don't want to play this game but want to see what it looks like see this playthrough.

Anyways. Regretty out. See you another forum post.
P.S. if you are reading this Kip. and want to port this to HTML 5 then i'd see you try!​


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