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There's not really that many rules really.

#1 - No Spamming
This is the main rule. Spamming will be absolutely not be fucking tolerated mate (spam as in, a shitton of threads/messages in 1 minute, malicious links etc).
You can shitpost all you like. If it's really shitty, it might move into Post Hell though.
Also you can still advertise actual stuff like FB pages, steam groups and your websites etc, in fact there's a forum just for it HERE.
Don't expect it to get much attention though, not much happening here itself.

#2 - Warez
If you're going to post pirated stuff, link it off site (like Dropbox/Google Drive etc.)
Or use a magnet link (don't directly upload torrent files however!)
I don't wanna get sued because of you dumbasses.

Anyway that's basically the rules.

Enjoy! (oboi)
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