The Fatty...


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The Fatty...
This is a remake of a game I made in The games factory 2 (Based on my art teacher) about 4 years ago so I decided that I should port to Blitz3D
I can't think of a game title besides 'Make the fat lady happy' or 'Fatty'
Also this 3d remake took a week to make so don't expect it to be the best game in the world

Here's some screenshots

Original 2D Version

Current 3D Remake Version

Original 2D Version

Current 3D Remake Version

But anyway hope you enjoy and get a laugh out of it! :)
Download Link 1.5:
Download Link 1.4:
Download Link 1.3:
Download Link 1.2:
Download Link 1.1:
Download Link 1.0:

1.5 Changes:
*Upgraded Blitz3D Engine
*Kind of fixed the disappearing player after it changes camera angles
*When you win, the volume slowly goes down

1.4 Changes:
*Added more colours on the resolution changer etc :D YAY EYE CANDY!!!
*Replaced the buggy (Recommend) resolution setting with Current resolution

1.3 Changes:
*When you win, the fat lady repeatedly bounces now
*Made the 'Choose resolution' and "Windowed Mode?' menus colourful
*It 'Attemps' to set the resolution selection as the windows recommended resolution by saying 'Recommended' on the top right (Doesn't work on some GFX cards
*Made the arrows on the 'Choose resolution' and "Windowed Mode?' menus actually make sense and work
*The cursor and buttons now support any resolution (Resizes)
*Made the winning song (Epic violin guy) quieter instead of mistaken ear-rape
*Made the scary winning music EVEN MORE SCARY!
*Re-did the buttons and Mouse pointer and made them higher quality
*Made the floor textures look better and not blured
*Made the fatty smile/angry look better and not blured too
*It says the version in the title

1.2 Changes:
*You can now WIN! but how? Find out yourself >:D

1.1 Changes:
*Fixed the glitchy pie animations

1.0 Changes:
*First release of the Fatty game remake

Also if you want to see the complete original games factory version, here's the link:

Original forum post: ... opic=99949
2nd forum post:: ... 18282.html
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