Genocide changelog


CEO of cancelled
This is where the offical Genocide changelog will be

*First version
Doom map, can jump sorta, gravity very intense
broken noclip (Z)

*Working and better noclip (Z)
*Way better gravity
*Lights which has the ability to disappear from a distance (X)
*Camera bounce
*Darker map
*3D sounds that fade from a distance (C) for musicbox
*Player ball is now a pivot
*More debug text
*Bobbing animation
*Player slightly slower

*Map changed
*Big cleanup and new comments
*OnGround improved and gravity applies on the GROUND only instead of the roof or the sides
*Partial Nodes
*High fall sounds
*Scary as fuck enemy that chases you around the hallway
  -Requires the node points to be placed
*You can die

*Removed enemy temporary and moved to unused ""
*Added font and graphical text
  - Supports colour codes with # 
    (Example #FSome apples are #Agreen #Fwhile some are #Cred)
    Would print it as white text but the word green would be 
    coloured bright green and red would be coloured bright red.
    The codes are identical to the ones seen in minecraft with the exception of #G
    #0 - Black
    #1 - Dark Blue
    #2 - Dark Green
    #3 - Teal
    #4 - Dark Red
    #5 - Purple
    #6 - Gold
    #7 - Gray
    #8 - Dark Gray
    #9 - Blue
    #A - Green
    #B - Aqua
    #C - Red
    #D - Pink
    #E - Yellow
    #F - White (Default)
    #G - Rainbow Random
*Changed map back
*Basic main menu/pause with working options
*Redid the player map collision code which now seems to be working better than ever
*Partial Music
*Multiple level support
  - ([) Previous level
  - (]) Next level
*Player has it's own .bb file
*Widescreen ratios support (So images don't stretch)
  - Supports 4:3, 16:9, 16:10
*Mouse support
*Changed player speed a slight bit

*Fixed a widescreen bug with the 16:10 resolution 
*Improved the algorithm in the 16:9 auto detection to the way you're supposed to do it
*16:10 was renamed to 8:5
*New resolutions added to auto detection, but they are all rounded to the closest matching ratio
because they're only like a quarter of a decimal point difference
*The camera FOV widescreen adjusts better than it did in 0.04
*You can adjust the widescreen ratio in options
*Footstep sounds are louder
*Player is taller
*DeltaTiming added to sync everything
*Added FastExtension userlib
*Removed bobbing temporary (Because of deltatiming and I've remade a bobbing test in another .BB which is yet to be implemented
*Filtered textures now use functions from FastExtension 
*Jumping and gravity physics have been changed (due to deltatiming)
*Slow motion (Hold C), features some PostFX
*Sounds can go slow mo
*Landing sound effect re-added
*Small bounce when landing (Which makes jumping a lot better so you can't bunnyhop)
*Loading screen
*Player Momentum (Jumping keeps the momentum going unless you "lean back or forth", this is intentional)
*PostFX added to options
*New music
*Main menu music

*Minor zooming effect when you slow-mo
*Graphics capping rates in options (30FPS, 60FPS, 120FPS and uncapped)
*Exclamation mark added to the text renderer
*Updateworld now includes slowmo
*Fixed the extreme deltatime correction when you load the game
*Icon now loads in the window and alt+tab etc
*If you hit your head on the roof, it will play the bounce animation
*New music
*Super mega uber advanced math bobbing
*Simple console
*Bunch of keys are now console commands (like noclip, kill/respawn etc)
*Slow-mo remapped to Z
*Bug fixed where quiting the game while in slowmo will exit, but crash at the same time (Unable to set graphics)
*Music changed, idea planned where depending on the situation the music will change
*Hashtag added 
*Cleaned up some code
*Very small gun model test


that one guy that actually goes on the forums
that one guy that actually goes on the forums
It would be nice for a better player model with hand :)