YouTube Vanced Android APK - V17.03.38


Get out of my kitchen you flying ass

YouTube vanced was a pretty awesome modded version of the regular YouTube app, except it basically had all the traditional YouTube premium features (like adblock, background playback etc...).
But it also had some awesome extras, such as Return YouTube Dislike and SponsorBlock support.

Unfortunately JewTube™ decided to DMCA them or something as of 14th March 2022, and the YouTube Vanced website will be shutting down the download links.

So I've archived all of the APKs downloads! Enjoy

YouTube Vanced APK - Version 17.03.38
The main attaction!

YouTube Music Vanced APK - Version 4.64.51
Similar project to above, but was basically just YouTube Music with an adblocker.

Vanced microG APK - Version
Required for using your google account in the apps.

Vanced Manager - Version 2.6.2
This was the official vanced app in charge of keeping all of the vanced components and stuff updated. Although this will probably break soon due to the legal complaint.
Regardless here's the archive of that APK anyway