1. Kippykip

    Mario 64 PSP Port - Precompiled Binaries - 14/09/2020

    Hey guys, after wasting so much time trying to compile the fricking thing and setting up a Linux virtual machine. I've decided to upload them here to save all yall the trouble. I'm including two versions in the .ZIP, one with the default bilinear filter and one I modified with the nearest...
  2. Kippykip

    8BitDanooct1's Famitracker Modules

    Had this downloaded ages ago, but realised all the dropbox links are now dead off 8BitDanooct1's channel so I'm gonna reupload this package here.
  3. Kippykip

    GBA Doom II PC Conversion pack! - Revision 1.3.1

    You may say "GBA Doom II sucks dick! It's really censored as the blood is green! Hanging bodies on walls are missing and the colour palette is atrocious!". WELL NOT TO WORRY! This patch/mod replaces all Sprites, Palettes, Textures, Flats etc as closely as possible to the original classic DOS PC...
  4. Kippykip

    GBA Doom II Modding Tools! - 0.2 Beta

    Well the wait is finally over! I present to you the GBA Doom II Modding Tools! The tools are programmed in Blitzmax (because it's the programming language I know best). I have to give credit to Magicteam for handing me their custom tool they used for making the translation patch. Despite that...
  5. Kippykip

    GBA Doom 2 Palette Viewer

    Here you go lads, programmed in BlitzMax. Just put your rom in the same directory as "0686.gba" and have fun debugging!
  6. Kippykip

    GBA Doom 2 Edit Tool

    EDIT: I've now made my own tools and also made a decensor/PC Conversion Pack. You can check them out here: Remember a while back I made a video on a uncensored Doom 2 for GBA? Only problem is it was translated in russian. But that's...
  7. Kippykip

    Windows XP theme for R4i Gold (3ds) flashcards! - Archive

    Dropbox keeps shutting down my links, so here's an archive! Here's how the original 2013 thread goes: I've been working on this for about 3 days and I think this might be the first custom theme for the r4i gold...:O because I haven't found any for it JayRo claims there are loads of themes on...
  8. Kippykip

    Doom Famitracker Remixes

    Here's some famitracker Doom remix's I did. Enjoy! Doom Gotta find where I put the files... Doom II WIP Final Doom Tracks included: +Map02 +Map04 +Map30 +Map31 Videos (NOTE: Some tracks have since been modified a little better since these were uploaded) Doom: (There's also a E1M3 remix I...
  9. Kippykip

    Unused gibing frames for GBA Doom

    Just changes the pointers for the regular death animation to the gibbing frames. Created this using HxD and Slade. You will need an IPS patcher though and the original GBA Doom rom.