PSX / GBA Doom Concept ROM Download


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Ages ago, I was playing around with the PrBoom GBA source code added in a pretty damn cool proof of concept where I readded the tinted lighting from PSX Doom, along with the sounds and music.
I think it came out really nice, how it worked is I found the lower 8 brightnesses in rooms was basically unused, and since the GBA doesn't have distance lighting...
I made it so some of the indexes would be hardcoded coloured rooms, with some extra tints added to the COLORMAP lump.

As for the music, since the GBA port uses tracker based music, I was able to import the PSXDOOM GZDOOM TC conversion midi into OpenMPT and export it.

Reuploaded here since old discord links are now broken :(


  • GBADoom-PSX.gba
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