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For some reason, the main download to the Online Crash Team Racing mod goes to *gulp* a discord server instead of a direct link online. (Which btw, is found here

So here's a public mirror as of 04/05/2024.

The discord directions:

How to Patch and play OnlineCTR in DuckStation

Official Build Files

OnlineCTR is fully open source and the files can be compiled from
However, for those who don't wish to compile the source, we have pre-built binaries available for download.
CTR Patch ⁠︱latest_build (patch script to patch the original vanilla NTSC CTR BIN/ISO from Naughty Dog).
CTR Client ⁠︱latest_build (the Windows network client you need to run).
CTR Web Patcher (web interface to build a patched game BIN/ISO). NOTE: Be extremely cautious if someone sends you a file on Discord claiming to be a better version than the official one with better features. It very well could be a virus. You should always use the official files we have available.

  • Download DuckStation if you don't have it already from GitHub (IE:
  • The NTSC-U/C BIOS file for the PlayStation 1 (DuckStation) may be found online by running a Google search for them.
  • Setup DuckStation using the configuration options below (very important).
DuckStation Configuration
Interface -> Pause on Focus Loss: Disabled

Console -> 8 MB RAM: Enabled
Console -> Enable Cheats: Disabled
Console -> Execution Mode: New Recompiler (experimental)
Console -> Enable Clock Speed Control (enable the checkbox)
Console -> Slide bar set to 400%
Console -> Read Speedup -> 10x (20x speed)
Console -> Seek Speedup -> Infinite

Graphics -> Aspect Ratio 16:9

Gamepads -> Must be ALL set to "Not Connected" (except for Player 1)

If you configured your Duckstation main settings as mentioned above, having CTR with its own game settings could override your settings and will cause issues (IE: slow performance). To fix this, you can do "Run Game -> Settings -> Game Properties -> Clear Settings" (at the bottom of the window)

How to Patch
  • Download the files listed above and extract them to a folder (overwrite any old files if they exist) on your computer.
  • Go to the web patcher address and select the vanilla game build followed by the patch script. 30 is for 30 frames per second (FPS) and 60 is for 60 FPS. Either one you prefer is fine to use.
  • Click on "Patch" to build a patched build of the game. The patched file will then download for you.
  • The patched file is then ran in DuckStation (be sure to not run the original vanilla build).
How to Play
  • Launch DuckStation.
  • Make sure the settings listed above are applied in DuckStation.
  • Start and run the patched file of OnlineCTR (IE: ctr-u_decompile.bin).
  • Start the client.exe program and enter your name (this name is visible to all other online players).
  • Find and pick a server.
  • If you're the first person in the lobby, wait until everyone is in the lobby before picking a track.
  • Picking the track will lock the room until the race is finished.
  • If you want to host, a separate server program will need to be ran (see the SERVER.EXE section for more info).
Pick a Role
Select a role in ⁠︱role_selection (optional). This will give you access to ⁠︱request_players.

Private Lobbies
  • Download and compile the source from GitHub under Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Follow the instructions in the program to host.
  • Select a port in the port ranges and forward your entered port over UDP in your modem/router.
  • Public users running client.exe can now enter your IP address via the Private Lobby option.
Need a Video Installation Guide?


Username Secret Characters
* = Cross Button
< = Left Arrow
@ = Circle
[ = Square
^ = Triangle
& = Space

Discord Invite Link
The more users that play the better! Use this invite code with your friends.


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