1. Kippykip

    VirtIO NIC Windows Drivers for bhyve - TrueNAS

    The Intel NIC driver hasn't been very stable for me in TrueNAS, there is VirtIO but Windows doesn't seem to have a driver for it. This worked for me on Windows 8 Embedded, I haven't tested how stable it is in comparison to the Intel NIC driver but a lot of people mention on the forums it works...
  2. Kippykip

    Adobe Flash CS6 Portable

    Guess this can be considered abandon-ware now because of the discontinuation of Flash itself, besides this is one of the last versions that can use ActionScript 2.0 as well. So I've used VMware Thinapp to make a portable version of this very important piece of history . Download (Google Drive)...
  3. Kippykip

    [PC] Disney's Hercules

    Here's the PC version of Disney's Hercules. Unlike all the other uploads of this game, this one actually includes the CD Audio music unlike the other dumb fuck uploaders that don't know how to rip a CD properly, so I personally ripped it myself. Thank you yellownakji for mailing this version to...