1. Genar

    Daggerfall Setup file

    Yeah that game that is older than 99% of people here(1996) and also has a map bigger than most modern games. anyway the games run well + has good graphics + more mods when used with the Daggerfall unity. Setup file...
  2. Kippykip

    Retarded Goat Hunter

    Here was a funny game I had back in Primary School. Although it ran on the original Multimedia Fusion 1.0 so it messes up on modern computers. Therefore I've uploaded a modified version under "carrot_unprotected.exe" which runs on the modern Clickteam Fusion 2.5 engine. This version also scales...
  3. Kippykip

    [PC] Disneys 102 Dalmatians

    The PC version of this game, the game was way better than the movie tbh. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:62H2ES5KWTH6RNG4HZ4URHFWWO6DMOGO
  4. Kippykip

    [PC] Disney's Hercules

    Here's the PC version of Disney's Hercules. Unlike all the other uploads of this game, this one actually includes the CD Audio music unlike the other dumb fuck uploaders that don't know how to rip a CD properly, so I personally ripped it myself. Thank you yellownakji for mailing this version to...
  5. Jatworks_Swirl

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban serial

    Serial key for HPatPA on PC for Windows 9X. Serial: 4QJJ-P92V-RJ8N-X97R-W3JZ
  6. Jatworks_Swirl

    Swat 4

    Here is an iso for Swat 4.
  7. Jatworks_Swirl

    Half Life: Counter Strike Serial Key

    The classic counter-strike! Most people don't know that is was an "Official Mod". Key: 2252-03666-0098
  8. Jatworks_Swirl

    Half Life: Game of the Year Edition serial

    Serial for HALF LIFE: GOTY on Windows 9x/2000. This version also includes Team Fortress: Classic on disk! :D Serial: 2905-53000-5060