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    Mod Christchurch DOOM WAD

    Guess it's banned lol
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    Lets Post About Bees

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    Lets Post About Bees

  4. Kippykip

    Lets Post About Bees

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    The Entire Genocide Engine Source Tree + Revisions 2017-2022

    As is, no warranty, most builds with crash etc. There's probably some yanderedev level code, like the console for example lmao. But I don't see myself working on it anytime soon, despite how much I think about revisiting it. Last obstacle was that the collision checking code was inefficient as...
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    CHEESE TIME - 240p @ 60fps

    dayum, all my old download links for my old meme videos are now broken now cuz they were discord ;-; guess i gotta put it on here now Transcript: >le me >le stupid bITCH mum: they're just mood stabilizers honey, please take them... troll: fuck off diane you're not my real mom dumb bitch i...
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    Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ Developer with Extensions!

    Damn that sucks bro lmao Welp, here's my old MMF2 libs folder zipped up for ya, just check if there is actually anything missing or if it's a Mandela effect? I'm not actually sure lol
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    Video I'm Glenn Quagmire

    whingey whiners
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    Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ Developer with Extensions!

    I know in my old releases, I actually merged The Games Factory 2 with MMF2 on releases here, haven't done it for this one tho dont have it soz lol
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    X-Y - Obscure Pong Game Archive

    Now playable on Kippykip Games:
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    Retarded Goat Hunter

    Now playable on Kippykip Games:
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    InDarkWaters - Site Archive

    It appears the creator of the Braixen Visual Novel games such as Dream Molder has gone... dark? Since 2020, he has had some pretty bad health issues but assured he would be back when he feels better... Until about 2021 where he has basically never come online since. ::sad_cute:: His website...
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    i swear to god if another dumbfuck bot comes here spamming about crypto imma go break something
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    The Other Yandere - AppSir

    this is a certified hood classic
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    General Piracy Discussion Thread

    >mostly used for uploading/downloading pirated content shieeeeet
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    Kippy's survival guide in current "2024 era" of the internet

    based I try to use PC almost exclusively if I can, but when it comes to pulling over or of I'm onsite somewhere on my job, or on a lunchbreak buttfuck nowhere I gotta use the phone. Current setup on my PC's is primarily Opera GX but slowly switching to firefox cuz open source + manifest V2...
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    Kippy's survival guide in current "2024 era" of the internet

    Yeah if firefox adds extensions fully on mobile, I might make the switch. Seems there's a whitelist which is very annoying last I checked. My main browser on my work laptop is firefox now only because Opera GX bugs out every update.
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    Kippy's survival guide in current "2024 era" of the internet

    Kiwi Browser is literally just google chrome for android but with extension support, you can put the desktop ublock origin extension on that. Works great Until they probably fuck it with manifest v3 or whatever
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    PSX / GBA Doom Concept ROM Download

    Ages ago, I was playing around with the PrBoom GBA source code added in a pretty damn cool proof of concept where I readded the tinted lighting from PSX Doom, along with the sounds and music. I think it came out really nice, how it worked is I found the lower 8 brightnesses in rooms was...