XScreenSaverWin Password


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Alright so XScreenSaver is an open-source program that comes with a fuckton of screensavers in linux. A lot of desktop enviroments use it.

Now someone under the name of "katahiromz" has ported it to Windows under the name of "XScreenSaverWin"... only thing is you gotta pay 10 USD for it...

Yes, an open-source programs port, needs to be paid for... Despite the original one being free and made by a different creator
It just works as a password in the installer, so it's encrypted etc.
Fortunately he released the source code for the WINDOWS PORT he did... So you can just compile it yourself or just look at the installer configuration and find the password:

There's a fuckton of blank lines possibly to hide the installer password which is at the bottom:


So yep, the password is XWS2WIN and it's also case sensitive...
Enjoy lmao