Sorry if you got spam emails...


Get out of my kitchen you flying ass
I made guests able to post and it fucked up and spam got on the boards as I didn't tick the capacha for guests postings instead I unticked it from the registration page... DOH
Of course, spambots came in (They weren't listed on StopForumSpam though)
Spam bots made new topics and also replied to a few triggering a few emails
I made a backup but yeah
I reconsidered this decision and guests cannot post topics or reply to topics after this but they were able to for a few days

EDIT: Looks like it was just me and NecroWolf with spam reply topics...


Get out of my kitchen you flying ass
NecroWolf said:
Yeah spammers be hitting hard lately.
For me to prevent them, I got a 3rd party capacha. The one I have is Sortables CAPTCHA. For some reason they managed to bypass all of the default capacha plugins including the Q&A which people on the phpBB support claimed that it stopped them.
I've also modded an old PHPBB mod which checks sessions ip, username or email from (Or if they use that username or email in the registration) it automaticly bans them

Hope that helps as I've noticed spam on your site sometimes