Sony Vegas 14


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I forgot where I found this, it was from youtube video but it seems to work well.
The cracking process is also a lot less annoying compared to the Vegas 12 on this site.

Update: Mega deleted the above link, and since I don't have much space in Google Drive or Dropbox. So I'm going to have to reupload it as a Magnet Link or on one of those shady multi upload sites. Vegas Pro 14.rar.html

Alternatively if you do torrenting:
  Magnet Link [Don't forget, you will need a torrent client to use magnet links!]
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The trick to keeping your files on MEGA for longer is naming them really obscure things. if you name something "SONY VEGAS PRO 14.RAR" or some shit, it's gonna flag the file. I've found sticking to just abbreviations is a good way to go, except if the file get's manually reported, which happens sometimes. (yeah, i see you people, fuck you, get out of my house) Hopefully you can reupload to MEGA successfully this time.