[SNES] Star Fox 2 - Snes Classic Rom


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Here's the long awaited Star Fox 2 rom ripped from Nintendo's SNES classic.
Rom itself is dated 24/12/1996 (DD/MM/YYYY) and is 1,048,576 Bytes (aka 1MB)

MD5: 7D66769F53CB3FB7F5C73044876DB240
SHA-1: 1135A2A6CB786AC7523E81DD553DC81AAA266F51
SHA-256: E134F20F6EE7D422D06FAEA6B1AE1E4101D1D0A200A0571D715D1CF23D959E8C
SHA-384: E134F20F6EE7D422D06FAEA6B1AE1E4101D1D0A200A0571D715D1CF23D959E8C
SHA-512: ED037330645E903C82616F514768C89CDA6CB63E8833BD6306EC45382538F991B0D624AE9EFD10F8D28962040492A31F151F1FF8F3DE027C62EB23EB9938660D
Enjoy! (oboi)


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Get out of my kitchen you flying ass
God King
Thanks for the upload. By the way, what emulator is the one from the screenshot? Can you share it?
The emulator I used is called "BSnes" and they recently changed their name to "Higan".
In the screenshot above I used Bsnes. It's the most accurate SNES emulator to date however it needs a powerful system to use it.