Smart Steam Emu 1.4.3


Get out of my kitchen you flying ass
Here's a steam emulator that came with a copy of CF2.5 I downloaded once, found that it works well on other stuff for making non-steam versions.
Had to create an account on some russian forum or something to get this (fuck I hate sites where I need to register to download).
Anyway enjoy!



XP x64 & UNIX user

I just registered here to thank you for sharing this tool. A user named ThyBonesConsumed mentioned it on my weblog in regards to keeping Steam working on XP, XP x64 & Vista after the EOL on 2019-01-01. Here's the [link to his post]. Currently, I'm using a combination of Steams' offline mode and Nirsofts' [RunAsDate] to disable the client-side killswitch on XP x64. But in case that ever fails me (who knows for how long the offline mode really works?), Smart Steam Emu might prove to be quite valuable!

So thanks a lot! :)