Rooting Android Phone (Unihertz Titan Pocket)


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Here's a rooting guide from Krzysztof Tucholski.
I personally have not tested yet, but others in the comment section are saying it worked.


First and most important thing: flashing bootloader, which is needed to root, might cause a bootloop and render your phone unusable. To recover, you might need to flash stock firmware with SP_Flash_Tool (I used v5.2124). So before you start rooting procedure, download stock ROM from here:
And download SP_Flash_Tool:
You will also need Android Platform Tools:
And Unihertz USB drivers.

****** WARNING ******
If you happen to brick your phone, and use SP Flash Tool to reflash stock ROM,
NEVER EVER choose "Format All + Download", because it will wipe all IMEI/MEID numbers, as well as some security certificates. ALWAYS choose "Download Only".

A. Unlock bootloader:
1. Enable developper options in settings -> system. To do it tap build number in phone information in settings several times (I think 5 times).
2. In developper options turn on "USB debugging" and "OEM unlocking".
3. Connect to windows or linux PC (before, you have to download Unihertz USB drivers and Android platform tools).
4. On phone screen info about trusted PC should appear - agree.
5. Enter folder where you extracted platform tools and run cmd.exe there.
6. Enter "adb reboot bootloader" - phone should reboot in bootloader mode with one or two white text lines on screen.
7. Enter "fastboot flashing unlock" - on phone you have to select "yes" with volume buttons.
8. Enter "fastboot reboot". All data will be erased. Now you have an unlocked bootloader.
B. Create modified boot.img
1. On phone again go through initial settings, then enable developper options menu and USB debugging.
2. Install Magisk Manager app.
3. From downloaded stock ROM, extract boot.img and vbmeta.img.
4. Connect phone to PC, and transfer boot.img to a path you know.
5. Run Magisk Manager app. Tap Magisk Install on top of screen. In "method" select "select and patch a file". Select boot.img you've just transferred to your phone. Tap "let's go". "magisk_patched-xxxxxxx.img" will be created, and you'll be notified where.
6. Copy "magisk_patched-xxxxxxx.img" to your PC - I suggest a folder with extracted platform tools.
7. With phone connected to PC enter "adb reboot bootloader".
8. In bootloader enter:
"fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img"
"fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash boot magisk_patched-xxxxxxx.img"
"fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img"
"fastboot reboot"
To be honest I don't know if flashing vbmeta.img is necessary, especially twice, but if I didn't do that, I ended with bootloop.
9. Now phone should reboot. Run Magisk Manager app to know if Magisk is installed properly.
I used canary Magisk Manager 23001.

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For request, here are links to patched boot.img
Magisk 23000:
Magisk canary 23001: