Rooting Android Phone (Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500t)


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posted 2013-Mar-4, 2:39 pm
Hi all, I too purchased this device after having the sales lady tell me I could update the android version to jellybean once I got home, well that wasn't the case and I was a bit upset..... moving on, I've had to do it the hard way but I do indeed have a rooted s7500t and custom firmware running (2.3.6 ROM) – below I will outline whats required (download links included).


1. Download 0din, it allows you to flash samsung devices.

2. Put the phone into download mode.. to do so, have the phone completely off and hold volume down + home button + power, then press up.

3. Connect phone via USB to computer and open odin, you should see the device come up, tick PDA and select the recovery.tar file attached, leave all other settings as is and flash.

4. Once flashed, to get to recovery mode, have the phone completely off push and hold volume up + volume down + home + power, you will enter custom recovery.

5. Extract on your computer and while your phone is connected and in custom recovery, execute runme.bat – this will root the phone.. you may need to run the batch file twice.


Referenced files

0din flashing software:

Custom Recovery file:

Root package:


So now you should be running a custom recovery and have root access on your device.....

Flashing a custom ROM isn't too hard, though if anyone wants to do it, please let me know as there is certain ways to getting it to work, I've had no luck in getting jellybean ROMs to work yet, just 2.3.6 gingerbead...
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