Red Alert 2 + Yuri's Revenge - No CD patch


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Here's a NOCD patch for Red Alert 2 + Yuri's revenge, it was difficult finding proper directions for these but eventually it came to a bunch of obscure threads. The patches are for game versions 1.006 for RA2 and 1.001 for Yuri.
This attached zip also includes the updates.

First, copy all the .MIX files and .DSK files from your CD's to your RA2 game folder (usually C:\Westwood\RA2).
Then make sure your games are updated, I've included the 1.006 RA2 update and 1.001 Yuri's Revenge update.

After that, copy the Ra2.exe (and gamemd.exe depending if you have Yuri's Revenge expansion) and replace the ones in your games folder (usually in C:\Westwood\RA2).
Now you might be able to start the game straight after as is, if it works then HORRAY! But in my case I've had to put a -cd commandline at the end of the games shortcuts (For example "Ra2.exe -cd").
Look at the "commandline.png" file for an example. For Yuri's Revenge you would do the same but with gamemd.exe instead.