PSP Theme archive thread!


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My mate yellownakji ( @Jatworks_Swirl ) mentioned some of the PSP themes I had downloaded years ago are rare now as many of the sites they came from have been dead for years.
So we've compiled a bunch together in this thread.

T-001.ptf - Windows XP Theme
Space_Invaders_Theme.ptf - Space Invaders Extreme PSN
theguy.ptf - Some shitty theme I made featuring my old comic stickman character "the guy"
W95.ptf - Windows 95 theme
WIN.ptf - A shittier Windows XP theme I made myself in 2010 before discovering the other one above a year later.

yellownakji's archive:
Windows_Classic.ptf - Windows 2000 Theme
Doomtheme.ptf - A theme based on the 1990's Doom games



Lemon Flavored
Here's my goodies that i've archived over the years:

1006locorocoMC_r - OFFICIAL Japanese Loco Roco theme
LittleBigPlanetPSP - OFFICIAL Little Big Planet theme
Locoroco2_psp_ja - OFFICIAL Japanese logo roco 2 theme
Locoroco2_theplanet_jp - like above but special
moder_warfare_2_theme - custom mwf2 theme
playstation15 - OFFICIAL PSN 15th anniversary theme
ps20th3 - OFFICIAL psn 20th anniv theme
psp neon - OFFICIAL PSP port of PS3 neon theme
pspista - windows vita theme
puyo pop fever - OFFICIAL JAP puyo fever theme
win2k - windows 2000 theme
wipeout - OFFICIAL leaked unreleased wipeout theme
xbox360 by bonkers - xbox 360 theme
dead_space_2 - custom dead space 2 theme
mainichiissyo - OFFICIAL RARE theme, with a doko demo issyo style, that was given to contest winners in japan. won without even knowing i entered.