PS3 Memory Card Adapter - Driver for Windows


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If you happen to have one of those usb adapters and want to transfer some PS1 saves, here's a modified driver and a program to transfer them!.
IMPORANT!: The driver requires a 32bit Operating system! Windows 2000/XP have been tested and work fine! You can use VMWare to emulate/virtualise an old 32bit OS.

So to set it up, plug in the adapter and go to Device Manager, find the unknown device and go to install a driver, choose from a list, show all and then click "Have Disk".
Browse to the file "uusbdv20beta\SETUP\uusbd.inf".
It should pick it up

Ok so basically I've included a program called MCRWwin which lets you read and write to PS1 memory cards, some of it is in japanese but it's easy to figure out.

For dumping the card to a .mem file.

For writing to the card from a .mem file.

Special thanks to John Luke, even if the video is in potato quality.


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