PlayStation 2 Slim - PS1 Memory Card read fix!


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So it turns out for the slim models, Sony removed the 7.6V line for the memory card slots as they never manufactured any memory cards or adapters that used this connection so they got rid of it's functionality.
This trace is required for counterfeit PS1 memory cards to operate (which always step down to 5V anyways in the card itself ::sus::).

However there's a fix by CSDesign where you add a wire from underneath the mainboard of the PS2 Slim from Pin 3 of the memory card line, to the USB +5V line like so:

Fortunately for me, every single one of my PS1 memory cards is unofficial...
I tested this on my SCPH-77002 though and it works great, I imagine this mod will also work for the memory card USB reader for the PS3, but good luck opening that without destroying it
EDIT: I found out this method doesn't work still for some cards, where it allows reading but writing can still be broken.

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