Opinions on Nintendo 3DS?


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I have a blue Nintendo Dsi right now. I'm so frustrated. They keep coming out with new stuff like every year! Gah! Is the Nintendo 3DS all that great? Or is it basically just hype and kind of like the Dsi? Is it worth getting? Please explain!!


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Nah it's kinda shit tbh, I mostly used mine to play original DS games (which has a big blur filter), homebrew on the 3DS is alright but homebrew on the PSP was a far better experience.
Problem for me is, I'm not really into the Zelda or Pokemon games so the most exciting games that came out for it were the mario games (depends if you're into them). There was a nintendogs sequel but I preferred the DS original more.
Super smash bros was fun but then everyone I knew that played it moved on from it quickly, and singleplayer SMB isn't that fun imo.

If you are thinking about getting one and put Custom Firmware on it, you can install the "FreeShop" and get a bulk ticket file to just download any game at anytime on it.
Personally I prefer to play on the DS original with an EZ Flash IV GBA cart + SuperCard DSTwo and stick a pile of fun games on them for when I go on trips. The original DS and GBA had a much better game library imo.


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The 3DS is amazing. Way better then the DSi. Definitely worth getting if you're into a more retro experience.
Also with custom firmware it can natively run GBA games (virtual console) and DS roms from the SD card (with TWiLight Menu).

Also Nintendo updated their security almost a year ago and Freeshop is dead. You have to install games using CIA files.