Nintendo 3DS Hacking Thread - Updating Regularly


that one guy that actually goes on the forums
that one guy that actually goes on the forums

Stuff written in laymans terms, because I'm a noob too.

+=== Formatting your SD Card ====+

SD cards need to be in Fat32.
32kb clusters.
Use 32gb or less for better compatibility.
Micro SD in SD cards do work for 3ds.

+==== Launching the Homebrew Channel via Browserhax ====+
Really good tutorial, written in laymans, will write my own soon.

+==== Downgrading to 9.2 ====+


+==== Creating a copy of your SystemNAND (optional recommended) ====+

EmuNAND9 = [button][/button]

Enter Homebrew Launcher and start EmuNAND9.

Create a NAND backup by navigating to EmuNAND Manager Options then Dump SysNAND to NAND.bin.

Connect your 3DS to the power, this will take about 10 mins depending on SD card write speed.

Once that is done, Turn off your 3ds, take out SD card, insert it into your computer then drag NAND.bin safely to a backup location on your computer.

You can delete NAND.bin off your SD card once you have done this.

Your NAND.bin is REALLY IMPORTANT! back it up in case you brick your 3ds!

+==== Installing EmuNAND ===+


+==== Installing rxTools (CFW) ====+

This was tested on 2 original 3ds on firmware 9.2.0-20E.

First, you need to have MenuHAX installed. This is also known as "themehax" as is the exploit where you use the theme changing to get HBC at boot. We will be using this, except we will be booting into CtrlBootManager which then we can load rxTools which boots a custom EmuNAND.

When you have MenuHAX installed and set up, then you will need to make sure you can boot into HBC at launch. The default key is L, and when you hold this and power on the system, it boots into HBC.

You can also assign keys in the menuhax manager.

Open the sd card in your computer, and rename boot.3ds to bhbl.3dsx.

Download this zip: [button][/button]

Drag everything into the root, then boot up your 3ds and hold the button that you assigned to get into cold boot manager. If you didn't assign a key, hold L.

If at anytime it gets stuck on a yellow screen or black screen or anything, reboot and try again

You should see a purple / violet menu. Click on the first option to install rxTools.

It should go to the install screen.

After this, you will go to a black screen or a grey screen. Reboot, and hold the assigned button or L to get into cold boot manager.

Select rxTools. It should boot to the home screen, if it tells you to do a system update, turn the wifi switch off on your ds and cancel it or something.

To confirm, go into system settings then it should say RX-E 9.2.0.-20 (and your region code after). You should also have FBI on your home screen if you installed it during setting up EmuNAND.

+==== Pirating games via rxTools and FBI ====+

FWSpoof = Games edited to make sure they work on older firmware
Region Spoof = Games edited to make sure they work on any region

If you do not have FBI enabled, then you cannot do this.

First of all find a game you want to download, doesn't have to be your region (rxTools has regionfree, and it is better if it is your region) and it needs to be firmware spoofed if it requires a higher firmware than your one.

Download the game, it should either come in a .cia or a .3ds file. Try and get .cia as they are much easier to install.

If you have a .3ds, follow a tutorial to convert it into a .cia (will write own soon)

Create a games folder on the root of your sd card

Drag the .cia file into it

Unplug SD card, insert into 3DS.

Go onto FBI Launcher by booting into your Custom Firmware (rxTools I am using)

Select the folder "games" and select your .cia game that you want to install

Wait for it to install

Exit FBI (press home menu button)

Unwrap the gift like you would do if you downloaded it from eShop

Enjoy playing!

After this you can delete the game in the "games" folder

+==== Playing online (games) in 9.2 CFW ====+

Seeing as Nintendo blocked online mode for anyone below 10.5, we have a bypass to make sure you can play online via 9.2

Download what files for your region:

Drag them onto root of SD Card

Open 3DS into EmuNAND

Open FBI

Press "L" once to switch to NAND mode (So you install the CIA into the nand)

Install the CIA's that you downloaded

Reboot 3DS

You now can play online with 9.2

+==== Links ====+ - games and such as .cia and .3ds (opt for .cia)

Homebrew [Cia]:

PlayCoinSetter.cia - Edit your play coins! -

sysUpdater_0.3.cia -
[0x1242] blargSnes v1.3.cia -
[0x1339] Custom Home Menu Manager 1.5.cia -
[0x1927] GameYob 1.0.7.cia -
[0x1930] FBI 1.4.1.cia -
[0x1930] FBI 1.4.17.cia -
[Custom Badges] GYTB.cia -
CTRXplorer 0.8.7.cia -
Free Multi Patcher 0.5B.cia -
mSD Management.cia -
SaveDataFiler_New.cia -