Mario 64 PSP Port - Precompiled Binaries - 14/09/2020


Get out of my kitchen you flying ass
Hey guys, after wasting so much time trying to compile the fricking thing and setting up a Linux virtual machine.
I've decided to upload them here to save all yall the trouble.
I'm including two versions in the .ZIP, one with the default bilinear filter and one I modified with the nearest neighbour filtering.
Personally I hate bilinear and it made N64 games look like ass, so yeah I'm giving you the option lmao.

Build date at the moment is for the 14th of September 2020.
Original Github:

I've tested it a bit myself, the shadows and the level transition graphics are messed up, and also @Jatworks_Swirl has reported some audio issues on his PSP but this is not happening on my PSP GO. Keep it in mind though, this guys code isn't finished but it's still impressive how quickly it was made! (oboi)

Note, these have to be pressed on the EXACT SAME FRAME as each other.

Toggle FPS Counter: R + △
Switch Sound Engine (CPU/Media Engine): R + ▯
Unload GFX/Sound engines, basically everything (suicide key): L+R
Toggle AntiAliasing (Seems to have no effect, but it's there):


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