[JAVA] Minecraft Alpha v1.0.17_02 - Patched


Get out of my kitchen you flying ass
Here's Minecraft Alpha v1.0.17_02, with the server and old launchers etc included.
I've also modified the jar's class files to remove any "minecraft.net" domains by replacing it with a gibberish non-existent domain so the sounds work without having to disconnect the Internet.

There's also a custom batch launcher that lets you set the username, allocated ram etc so you can play multiplayer fine. Only thing that doesn't work is skins which is to be expected. Nevermind, using the magic of reverse engineering that's been fixed to use the modern URL.
Here's an example of 2016 skins working in Minecraft Alpha.


Stop requesting access you fucking cunts, just download the game - you DON'T need access to edit the file you indian twats.

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Get out of my kitchen you flying ass
Nothing I can do about crashing, after all it's minecraft ALPHA!
I only fixed the sound and made it launch without a launcher. All the bugs back in 2010 when this version was released are still going to be in this upload.

What does the console window say when the game crashes mate? I can at least try to help you out.