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Downloaded this a while back, but as per usual websites that hold cool files seem to always die.

Inertia player (IPLAY) — MOD player doesn't require sound card.


[added 1998-07-08, updated 2006-03-14]

Quick list of features:
  • Supports GUS, PAS 16, SB 16/16ASP, SB Pro, SB, Adlib, Covox [Mono], Stereo-On-1 and Windows Sound System, MIDI [Experimental]
  • Or you can use the PC speaker.
  • Module Support: 4 Channel, 15 Samples NoiseTracker * 4 Channel, 31 Samples NoiseTracker, ProTracker, SoundTracker etc. * 4 and 8 Channel StarTrekker * 4,6,8,16 and 32 Channel FastTracker * 4,6,8,10,12,14,16 and 32 Channel TakeTracker * 669 Modules from Composer 669 v1.x * Extended 669 Modules from UNIS669 * STM Modules from Scream Tracker 2.x * S3M Modules from Scream Tracker 3.x * MTM Modules from MultiTracker 1.x * PSM Modules from ProTracker Studio 16 [Not 100% operative due to the many changes in the fileformat] * WOW Modules from Mod's Grave * FAR Modules from Farandole Composer * INR Modules from Inertia Tracker * ULT Modules from UltraTracker.
  • No XM module support.
  • Requires 80386+ (written in 80386 ASM) and VGA+. Can use EMS and UMB, but not XMS memory.
  • IPLAY.EXE runs from command line or from graphical shell. Settings can be saved only from the graphical SETUP.EXE. Docs are in the graphical READER.EXE.
  • Graphical operations support keyboard and mouse.
Authors: Stefan Danes, Ramon van Gorkom, et al. / Inertia Productions, Netherlands (1995).

1995-02-07: v1.22.


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