GTA V Release dates!


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GBATemp said:
As you may already know, GTA V is coming to PC as it already was announced, but now we have a release date!
Unfortunately the PC release will be the last on the list because the "next gen" version will be out first, which is scheduled for the 18th of November 2014 and the PC release is unfortunately coming only next year, on the 27th of January 2015.

The new version will come with new additional features, which are:
New weapons, vehicles and activities
Additional wildlife
Denser traffic
New foliage system
Enhanced damage and weather effects, and much more
New radio selections, with over 100 extra songs planned
Increased Multiplayer count in GTA Online ... ed.371394/

So 27 January, 2015 is the PC release date and the
PS4/XBONER will be coming on 18 November, 2014