Forum Mods (OBSOLETE - phpBB)


Get out of my kitchen you flying ass
*jQuery Pack for phpBB - Needed for Ajax Like
*phpBB Ajax Like - Like posts
*MCP info on index - This mod is now useless with board3 Portal but it shows "Moderator Control Panel" on the index page
*Sortables CAPTCHA Plugin - A 3rd party Capacha plugin because spammers got in
*Show Banned Status - Shows if a member is banned on the posts page. I should probably get rid of it now due to User Status Image MOD
*Prime Trash Bin - Makes you able to recover deleted posts
*Prime Post Revisions - If someone makes an edit, you can recover an old edit or view the previous edits
*Ban users by x warnings - does what the mod is called
*Prime BBCode Spoiler Details - A cool spoiler
*Prime Login Return - If you login, instead of continuing to the index, you go to the post you were on before
*Prime Logout Return - If you logout, instead of continuing to the index, you go to the post you were on before
*MOD Version Check - I'm not sure, I don't remember installing this
*board3 Portal - Awesome front page
*Tapatalk - For the tapatalk app on phones, it's terrible
*User Mention MOD - say Username on the top of a post and it will notify them (Kinda like tagging on facebook)
*Prime Ban to Group - If someone gets banned/temporary banned it will assign them to a banned/suspended group (So there names go red :D)
*phpBB Social Network - Comment on peoples profiles and chat to phpbb friends
*phpBB mChat - Mini Chat is a public forum chat
*phpBB Delete my registration - Delete your account if you want to
*ACP Add User MOD - Add new users in the ACP
*UMIL - Unified Mod Install Library - Needed for mods
*User Status Image - Says if there online/offline/banned in posts or the memberlist
*Prime Notify - Shows content in emails instead of linking them to to the topic
*User Reminder - Reminds inactive users to go back on the site etc
*Topic in "Who is Online" - Says the topic people are viewing in the Who is Online page instead of the forum they're in
*Auto Backup - Backs up the database automatically
There are some patches that I don't remember that needs manual editing
like re-sizing avatars if they're too big