Cut content of the Genesis Aladdin "final cut"


I was hacking the re-release of the Genesis Aladdin game and I find a lot of unused/hidden content in the game.

To begin in with, I found a unused text sprite writed "final cut"

I also found a picture of a kid face in the game

Also, a lot of the cut enemies like the prisoner, sword swallowe, the rolling snake and the golden monkey statue are presented in game.

I also encountered two types of iago enemies. The first was the iago disguised as a flamingo

The second iago uses the same sprites as the normal iago in the game, but has a different behavior. Instead of flying right and left, this iago flies nonstop to the right.

Also, its appear that there is a unused projectile, its looks like some type of gem. It has the same data Id as the knives.

The other one is two giant hands of the genie, when those two hands clap together they release some type of magic. This magic don't damage you, but when it enter in contacts you start to descend in the ground, similar when you stand in the palm trees (2 stage) or when you touch the blue lines in the 8 stage


Oh yeah I forgot to tell about this:
0:00 to 0:06 The intro where the genie shoots iago has been removed from the new version, however all entities are present in the intro are still present in the game's code. The entities are:
the genie
the feathers of iago
stars that appears in the head of iago
a clock