Chapter 1 : The HTML Structure


New Lad
Now after we've installed the text editor, let's get started.

THE HTML Structure
Every HTML code starts with a DOCTYPE declaration, you'll need to this to tell the browser what version of HTML are you using (Yes, there are 5 versions now), sometimes not declaring it might make your page look different between browsers.
The most common declaration is <!DOCTYPE HTML>

If you're familiar with any programing language, chances are you know that there is a Start and an End to any program, Websites also work the same, they start with an <HTML> and end with </HTML>.
And that's not it, Webpages have 2 important elements :
<Head> </Head> : Now this couple of Head tags contains all the non-visible elements, such as Title, Style, Scripts, Meta Informations...
Example of a Title tag :
<Title>Post thread | Kippykip Forums!</Title>

<Body> </Body> : You guessed it, this is where we put all the visible elements, like Text, Links, Buttons, Images, Videos and even Audio files...
Example of a Image tag :
<img src="oof.png" height="42" width="42">
You'll notice that this tag has no end tag, that's because it shouldn't have one, since you can set its hight

Now to sum up everything, this is how my HTML code should look like when i start making my website :
        <Title>Roblox CreepyPasta</Title>
        <!-- My Code -->
the <!-- --> tag is a comment, we use it to keep track of the code and to explain it, this will help you if you're doing some edits in the future.

Thank you for reading !
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