Changed to XenForo.


Get out of my kitchen you flying ass
So yeah I changed the board from PhpBB and XenForo.
It was a lot of work, and I still need to fix incompatibilities within old threads.

But yeah there's a lot more options like alerts (so you actually know when someone replies to you), custom title and little extra bits in the thread editor now.

There's also a better chat, you can make up to 2 rooms for each user, but there's always the default public one too.

Doesn't seem to have a private mini facebook-like chat though, but you can use /whisper or something like that instead. The facebook-like chat was buggy as shit anyway.

And many of the features (such as liking, writing on profiles) was added as separate mods on phpBB. XenForo seems to have a lot of that built in which makes it easier for me.
However all posts written on users profiles are now gone due to this conversion. That's because this feature was an unofficial phpBB mod, and is a built in feature on XenForo.

There's also a small loss of BBCodes, most of the main ones were built in to XenForo, but some funny ones created on the old board no longer exist (Such as "Chef Excellence", "IF YOU LIKE TURD" and "SWF")

Anyway enjoy!
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