Canon "My Image Garden" - 80mm MiniDisc Template


Get out of my kitchen you flying ass
I just bought a Canon MG7700 printer recently which arrived today. I bought it so I could label my CD's, but was disappointed that the software didn't have 80mm/8cm CD's as a template option.
I have nice Vinyl CD's I use for burned PS1 games with a 80mm center and was the main reason I bought the printer.
Couldn't find a solution online or even a mention online about this, so I dug around the files.
I found the templates in C:\Program Files (x86)\Canon\My Image Garden\AddOn\DiscLabelPrint\template and hoped I'd be able to find anything to adjust the Outer width lower then it lets me in the software.
But what I did find was definitions for paper size, normally this just adjusts the center circle but I wondered what else I could find.

There were mentions in cnmigdisclabelprintmail.dll, so I dug in a hex editor.

and BAM!

So I made a new template folder called C07_N_05003.mig (based off C07_N_05001.mig), modified all mentions of Disc12cmSmall, Disc12cm and replaced them with Disc8cmSmall, Disc8cm in theme.xml
Edited the icon a little.

Restarted the program and woHOO!


So I hope this helps, I've attached my modded template below as
Extract the root of the ZIP to C:\Program Files (x86)\Canon\My Image Garden\AddOn\DiscLabelPrint\template
And it should appear in the program. I wonder why they never included this as an option to begin with.


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