1. Kippykip

    [Tutorial] Run Linux programs in a resolution, then restore after closing

    First off, open a terminal and type xrandr, scroll up and it'll show the name of your display here: Then for your program, you'll want to make a launcher on your desktop or something, and for the command line use this template: bash -c "xrandr --output VGA-1 --mode 640x480 &&...
  2. Kippykip

    [Tutorial] - Enable shared folders tab in XFCE's Thunar / File Manager

    This should work for both WINEdows 2021.08.12 versions and below, as well as Xubuntu Focal 20.04 LTS WINEdows 2021.08.24 and over already has this enabled Open the terminal, and run these commands line by line sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/extras sudo apt update sudo apt install samba...
  3. Kippykip

    [Releases] - WINEdows Linux Distribution Thread

    Introduction: I've always had a bit of a secondary interest to Linux, there's always been some interesting software for it and it's very customisable. But I never really found it practical to use outside of maybe using it on an underpowered laptop that can't handle Windows 10 etc (such as a...