1. Kippykip

    [PC] Clock Tower: The First Fear - English

    Here's an old torrent I made for a patched version of Clock Tower on PC. Before my piratebay account kept getting taken down for some reason. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:X4WZP6GFVIHHLCXCKX6QCUB5VL4OVGCJ
  2. Kippykip

    Windows 7 Activator

    It came with a Windows 7 SP1 ISO I downloaded a while back, some of you may find it useful.
  3. Kippykip

    GBA Doom II PC Conversion pack! - Revision 1.3.1

    You may say "GBA Doom II sucks dick! It's really censored as the blood is green! Hanging bodies on walls are missing and the colour palette is atrocious!". WELL NOT TO WORRY! This patch/mod replaces all Sprites, Palettes, Textures, Flats etc as closely as possible to the original classic DOS PC...
  4. Kippykip

    SurfEasy - Chrome Cracked

    Pretty simple, just makes the extension itself think it's the premium unlimited version. I haven't tested it thoroughly however, but seems to work so far. Anyway, below here is a pre-edited version so you don't have to do any work (unless it updates). Lemme know if it actually is unlimited as...