1. Kippykip

    Doom Eternal - DRM Free Executable [Download]

    Well it turns out big ol' boy bethesda forgot to add the Denovo DRM to the release of Doom Eternal. I so far don't see any performance boost myself, there's a good chance loading times will be better. The .EXE is also like 400mb less, and you get the freedom of playing the game at...
  2. B

    GBA Final Doom - In Cooperation with KippyKip Games.... Coming Soon

    Final Doom has only ever been on 2 platforms. PS1 And DOS. Until sometime soon. KippyKip and I have been working on creating Final Doom for the GBA. It will have a custom campaign, and the original 2 campaigns, TNT Evilution, Plutonia, And Nazi Demons. Nazi Demons stars BJ. Blazkowicz as you...