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  1. Kippykip

    Image Nashville Shooters Manifesto

    Apparently so um... this is getting everyone banned on Twitter (or txitter lol), Reddit, Facebook and YouTube at the moment? idk i thought it was fake and gay initially, but seeing everyone is getting banned for it on every platform I suppose that it's probably real. The Nashville Chief of...
  2. Kippykip

    Fix Elgato Video Capture (Code 39) Driver issue in Device Manager

    I just bought this AV adapter of amazon and every PC I tried it on, except my LTSB 2016 machine I got this: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39) Turns out the issue is: Core Isolation Virtualization-based Security for Memory...
  3. Kippykip

    I might grab an old computer to run WINEdows on

    If it supports X64 it should! Ye!
  4. Kippykip

    Bluewing Client/Server help

    Oh I see? Been like a literal decade since I messed with networking on clickteam
  5. Kippykip

    Kippy are you on doomworld?

    Yeah but I don't really use it to be honest.
  6. Kippykip

    I might grab an old computer to run WINEdows on

    Haha yeah I got it to run okay on a 2007 CF-19 Toughbook, despite how opening emails and PDFS run like ass, at least doom is more than playable on it.
  7. Kippykip

    Mod Non-Newtonian New York - Banned Spider-Man PC Mod

    Found this site just recently, basically a banned mod archive:
  8. Kippykip

    flash is ded, there is no meaning for this part of the forum.

    Honestly this forum in a lot of ways needs to be completely restructured. It's layout has barely evolved since 2014 when it was based on phpBB.
  9. Kippykip

    Bluewing Client/Server help

    Sorry not sure what that is. Reminds me of Lacewing or something though lol
  10. Kippykip

    I'll just lick it up...

    email test 18
  11. Kippykip

    I'll just lick it up...

    email test 15
  12. Kippykip

    Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer + Extensions

    Pretty sure, same goes for the official clickteam discord.
  13. Kippykip

    YouTube Vanced Android APK - V17.03.38

    Yeah I use Revanced for YouTube now because vanced stopped working ages ago for me. Interestingly YouTube Music Vanced is working fine still, so I haven't been bothered to repatch that one lmao
  14. Kippykip

    Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer + Extensions

    First page Pretty sure they verify ownership before you can do anything.
  15. Kippykip

    jon has gone insane.

    Schitzo john arfuckle
  16. Kippykip

    Windows XP - Offline Phone Activator ( xp_activate32.exe )

    As discussed in this thread: The Windows XP offline phone activation was cracked, which is great as Microsoft has shutdown the activation servers recently. Most people have moved on to preactivated builds of XP, but if you're in need of the...
  17. Kippykip

    CExtract - The Games Factory / Multimedia Fusion Game Extractor / Unprotector

    Yep, Clickteam actually sent me a DMCA letter over this tool LOL
  18. Kippykip

    Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer + Extensions

    ah whatevs it's been long enough, I updated the main thread with it I can find the original 294 link on yandex ez tho
  19. Kippykip

    Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer + Extensions

    I am accepting new members, you just didn't read.
  20. Kippykip

    Open source LLM's vs. "Offensive Characters"

    I now own a computer with a 3090, and wanted to do more research and testing with local LLM's to test which ones are truly uncensored or not. I did something similar with a simple slur test on the regular assistant here...