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    doom is quite epic.............,,,,,,,,
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    YouTube Vanced Android APK - V17.03.38

    no worries, interestingly vanced manager still seems to be working
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    Non-Newtonian New York - Banned Spider-Man PC Mod

    A mod somebody got cancelled and banned for recently. All it does is replace an LGBT flag with an American one. But now talking about it anywhere (reddit, facebook and nexus) gets your post or account nuked. I guess that makes it a banned meme. About this mod: Replaces Newton's Prism's...
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    Doom TNT- Famitracker FTM

    Since dropbox nuked all links a while back, I'm reuploading this here:
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    [Releases] - WINEdows Linux Distribution Thread

    On my laptop I copied a lot of DLLs from an XP machine which seem to help with some games, I haven't tried replacing or overriding any though. Could probably cause some problems I imagine
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    [Releases] - WINEdows Linux Distribution Thread

    Thanks! In a nutshell I used Cubic to edit the Xubuntu 20.04 install, then made these scripts that apply the conversion and installation of apps: When it came to settings and whatnot, I installed Xubuntu in a virtual machine first, changed the...
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    VirtIO NIC Windows Drivers for bhyve - TrueNAS

    The Intel NIC driver hasn't been very stable for me in TrueNAS, there is VirtIO but Windows doesn't seem to have a driver for it. This worked for me on Windows 8 Embedded, I haven't tested how stable it is in comparison to the Intel NIC driver but a lot of people mention on the forums it works...
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    Smart Steam Emu 1.4.3

    I'm a few years late but here (at least these are the ones that still had working links lol)
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    Schitzo Games Thread

    Post some games that go completely off the rails or are just downright stupid (oboi)
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    Tool that allows Thinkpad laptops to middle click

    Here's a simple program, it basically makes "Lenovo Thinkpad Laptops" middle click if you simply press and let go of the scroll button. Makes it easy for me to open links as a new tab on the browser hehe. It seems running Linux on these laptops already has this functionality though, at least...
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    Doom Request

    I have been wanting to update PrBoom GBA SVN for a while to add a controls option, basically like the retail ports. Perhaps I'll have your one as one of the options, I'd like to map SELECT+L/R as weapon changing too so I can circle strafe easily
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    Powder game 1 and 2 into a application program?

    Probably, it could be ported into that "enscripten" wrapper thing a lot of people are using these days. Essentially a fancy webapp. Not sure how it would handle right clicking though for the alt materials (such as fireworks+magma)
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    YouTube Vanced Android APK - V17.03.38

    YouTube vanced was a pretty awesome modded version of the regular YouTube app, except it basically had all the traditional YouTube premium features (like adblock, background playback etc...). But it also had some awesome extras, such as Return YouTube Dislike and SponsorBlock support...
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    GBA Doom II PC Conversion pack! - Revision 1.3.1

    I dumped my own cartridge when I made this patch, I'm Australian so I'm assuming it'll be the european rom. As for the checksum after using the modding tools, I'm pretty sure I used the lower mode when recompiling sprites. Default is center so just check that.
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    Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer + Extensions

    To crack older versions we just threw in an old Steam Emulator or something into it. It was actually easier to crack than Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer was back in the day.
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    Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer + Extensions

    Some wizardry using IDA PRO to edit the EDRT.EXE Idk how to do that though, but that's whats responsible for producing the error message.
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    GBA Final Doom - In Cooperation with KippyKip Games.... Coming Soon

    when the hell did this thread open up lmfao
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    Question regarding scancodes

    I believe so, I think it's also loosely based on the ASCII character set in a way. Glad it works out for your project either way though!
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    Question regarding scancodes

    It comes from the old Blitz3D engine from the 2000s, notable games with the engine are SCP Containment Breach and Goofy Gokarts. It's likely to match some other programming languages scancodes too, but probably only on Windows I imagine. Haven't needed to use it on Linux yet to know for sure