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    Yeet my epic despacito gamers

    chimpkin nuggeR (oboi)
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    What Should I get ps4 Or Xbox One?

    I agree
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    hello buddies

    Um, alright mate well welcome I guess
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    Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer + Extensions

    Just put both of your links onto the main post, cheers guys! ::cute_wink::
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    Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer + Extensions

    Best I've got is this:
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    PowerISO 6.6 x64 - Portable

    Made a portable precracked version of PowerISO using VMware Thinapp. Here you go bois. Download
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    Y'all crazy

    Wait really? I wonder how long the permissions have been like that lmao
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    ProtectionID - Game File Protection Scanner and more!

    Well yeah, it's a new one nobody has seen yet.
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    Well this never took off in the first place lmao

    Well this never took off in the first place lmao
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    We're back! - 5th, September 2018

    WOOO after a full week or so, the Kippykip Forums is back! Under a new host, I moved to a smaller host as it's way cheaper and has way more privacy for me. It was getting a bit expensive with my last host (especially since nobody donates lol) so I've now cut down the site a little bit. This...
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    PlayStation 2 Slim - PS1 Memory Card read fix!

    So it turns out for the slim models, Sony removed the 7.6V line for the memory card slots as they never manufactured any memory cards or adapters that used this connection so they got rid of it's functionality. This trace is required for counterfeit PS1 memory cards to operate (which always step...
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    Clock Tower: The First Fear - Windows 95 Midis

    Here's the midi files converted to a General Midi format.
  13. Kippykip

    PlayStation 1 Modchip HEX Dumps (MM3 and ONEChip) and more!

    I found the SCPH-700X MM3 diagram had shit quality in this spot, so here's some zoom ins
  14. Kippykip

    PlayStation 2 Modbo Modchip Diagrams

    More handy info: Boot Hotkeys There is an assortment of different boot options, if you hold down certain buttons while the system boots, the console will perform different tasks. Here is a list of the functions that I know of: Circle – Boots ModBo Chip/system into PSX DVD Video mode. This...
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    PlayStation 1 Modchip HEX Dumps (MM3 and ONEChip) and more!

    Here's some diagrams for the PS1 PAL Colour (or color) mod. Basically allows you to run NTSC games over composite on a PAL PS1 with the correct colours. It works by making a PAL60 signal on NTSC games instead. Apparently some rhythm games might desync slightly though as it's like a 0.1% speed...
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    GBA Doom II Modding Tools! - 0.2 Beta

    This is pretty important, one of the devs from Torus games explained quite a bit of info how the formats work.
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    PlayStation 1 Modchip HEX Dumps (MM3 and ONEChip) and more!

    Here are the HEX files required for modding a PS1 if you are burning your own chip. MrMario2011 made a good tutorial video on how to make them using a chip programmer. MM3/MultiMode3 ( will work with pretty much every PS1 except for the PAL PSOne slim models, as it has the...