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    Rooting Android Phone (Unihertz Titan Pocket)

    Here's a rooting guide from Krzysztof Tucholski. I personally have not tested yet, but others in the comment section are saying it worked. _________ First and most important thing: flashing bootloader, which is needed to root, might cause a bootloop and render your phone unusable. To recover...
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    i sEE
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    Panasonic Toughbook CF-19, Early Manual PDF

    Here's an alternative manual
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    Panasonic Toughbook CF-19, Early Manual PDF

    Dip switch settings:
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    Panasonic Toughbook CF-19, Early Manual PDF

    Also found this one for the sim card, page is still up!
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    cheers lol, it's a bit old lmao

    cheers lol, it's a bit old lmao
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    Panasonic Toughbook CF-19, Early Manual PDF

    I had to jump through a lot of unnessessary hoops to get this (fuck websites that want you to pay for it, and fuck websites like scribd especially) Hope this comes handy for you guys... EDIT: Found the Mark 2 service Manual, which is my personal CF-19 model...
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    [Fix] Opera Linux - Fix Facebook, and YT Movies / Netflix Playback

    If you've ever used Opera on Linux, you'll notice that videos on facebook don't play at all. Same goes for playing DRM movies/shows through YouTube movies or Netflix. The fix is to replace the library with one that actually works (supposedly Opera can't distribute it because of...
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    [Tutorial] Run Linux programs in a resolution, then restore after closing

    First off, open a terminal and type xrandr, scroll up and it'll show the name of your display here: Then for your program, you'll want to make a launcher on your desktop or something, and for the command line use this template: bash -c "xrandr --output VGA-1 --mode 640x480 &&...
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    Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer + Extensions

    Does it export a game? Normally you'll get a "file error" message. If not, copy the files to another PC and see if it works
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    Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer + Extensions

    If I recall, there's new protections in those versions and our simple DRM cracking techniques aren't working for it
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    [Tip] Skip the disk check on the LiveCD boot splash keyboard shortcuts (Skip check, Details)

    This actually applies to pretty much all Ubuntu based distros. But while it's doing the casper disc check on the splash screen, press CTRL+C at anytime to skip the MD5 checking. You can also press Escape to show what's exactly is happening in the console
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    [Tutorial] - Enable shared folders tab in XFCE's Thunar / File Manager

    This should work for both WINEdows 2021.08.12 versions and below, as well as Xubuntu Focal 20.04 LTS WINEdows 2021.08.24 and over already has this enabled Open the terminal, and run these commands line by line sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/extras sudo apt update sudo apt install samba...
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    Adobe Flash CS6 Portable

    Guess this can be considered abandon-ware now because of the discontinuation of Flash itself, besides this is one of the last versions that can use ActionScript 2.0 as well. So I've used VMware Thinapp to make a portable version of this very important piece of history . Download (Google Drive)...
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    [Releases] - WINEdows Linux Distribution Thread

    Changelogs: WINEdows 2021.08.25: * Upgraded all packages again * Fixed gdebi not asking for authentication (unfortunately only workaround is to make it run with a terminal window) * Preinstalled a joystick configuration/test tool (jstest-gtk) * Corrected keyboard shortcut for file manager from...
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    [Releases] - WINEdows Linux Distribution Thread

    Introduction: I've always had a bit of a secondary interest to Linux, there's always been some interesting software for it and it's very customisable. But I never really found it practical to use outside of maybe using it on an underpowered laptop that can't handle Windows 10 etc (such as a...
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    18th, July 2021

    * Broken registration is now fixed (invisible captcha seems to break it) * Finally ditched the kippykip.forums gmail account (I swear it breaks everytime I scratch my balls because google keeps turning off generic SMTP access, and blocking the offshore webhost IP address) So now there's a...
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    Video Pacman? More like pakistan...

    Video Author: Unknown Video Date Creation: Circa 2017 Video Transcript: Pac-Man? More like pakistan has no fucking reason to exist! And if I had my way, the US military would go in there, BOMB THEIR SAND NIGGER MUDHUTS, AND KILL ALL THEIR FUCKING CHILDREN WHILE WE RAPE THEIR MOTHERS!