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  1. Sapphire_Romance14

    Remove Chrome developer extension popup (.bat)

    You know that annoying pop up when you install Easy Proxy or another cracked extension? This bastard: Save this to DevWarningPatch.bat inside C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\ and then what ever version number you have. Run as admin. Code from...
  2. Sapphire_Romance14

    Fallout 4 - Club 33-66 (Mod)

    As featured: Reason for upload: Got removed off Nexus Mods
  3. Sapphire_Romance14

    Nintendo 3DS Hacking Thread - Updating Regularly

    R4i gold 3ds is convenient for tha hack of nintendo 3DS:
  4. Sapphire_Romance14

    Wondershare Thread

    YOOOO, i'm need a key to Dr. Fone ~ Backup&Restore, any bro can help me? thx ;~