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  1. Kippykip

    Doom - Knee-Deep in the Dead - UV-Death in 0:19 - Speedrun

    Here's the demo file. Plus you will need the deadwin.wad/deadwin.deh included in the zip below for it to trigger the win on death.
  2. Kippykip

    3rd, Feburary 2020

    * Fixed all the cron entries (time based stuff like, view counters, sitemap updates, cancel old warnings etc) Looks like none of that stuff has been running since July 2018, lmao. Probably due to the host upgrade.
  3. Kippykip

    22nd January, 2020

    Fuck sake I've temporarily closed registration until I fix this fucking captcha spam bullshit
  4. Kippykip

    [WIP] Final Doom: Evilution - Impulse Tracker soundtrack

    Here I'll be recreating the TNT soundtrack but for Impulse Tracker format. That way it's compatible for the GBA PrBoom sourceport
  5. Kippykip

    Windows 98SE

  6. Kippykip

    Windows 95

  7. Kippykip

    15th, January 2020

    Deleted 649 unused users with no posts, trophies, or anything. If you're one of these users, you'll have to reregister.
  8. Kippykip

    FlashFolder R274 Builds - Windows 7+ compatible

    Looks like the working FlashFolder beta links for modern computers is no longer up... So I'm mirroring them here... Enjoy
  9. Kippykip

    Blitz3D - Userlibs - Fast Extension, Fast Image, Fast Pointer and Pixelate

    A fella emailed me earlier today saying the original site for these Blitz3D userlibs that he paid for is dead, bummer. If I recall correctly, I basically got DLLs from Blitz3D games that used them, then used the demo DECLS definition files, so these may not be 100% accurate but in my use case...
  10. Kippykip

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express Product Key

    MMVJ9-FKY74-W449Y-RB79G-8GJGJ Here you go bois, since the real way to activate 404's now.
  11. Kippykip

    TCL T-34002 CRT - Service Mode

    Alright, after a fuckton of searching, I found this page: Basically, you hold down Volume Down on the TV itself and at the same time on the remote press "DISPLAY/DEL." Alright, be careful not to fuck around too much! Playing with some...
  12. Kippykip

    Gile[s] Lightmapper

    This is pretty hard to find now, but here's the freeware key We’re pleased to announce that gile[s] is now free to use! Get it here: 41 You can use the following code to activate the full version. Registration name: Freeware Registration...
  13. Kippykip

    Clickteam Multimedia Fusion 1.5

    Another cool retired clickteam product from back in the day. You can download it from clickteams official site, or through this 4shared link which appears to include some extensions: The serial key is: 031728-96788026-497880 If you have some old protected projects, you can use CExtract to...
  14. Kippykip

    NEDM Archive

    Here's a portable archive of, in case the site shuts down after 2020 To view the page in it's original state, edit c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add the line: And use some hosting software (such as XAMPP), extract all the files...
  15. Kippykip

    The Games Factory + Install Maker 1996 Serial Keys

  16. Kippykip

    [NDS] - [No-Intro] Nintendo DS (03-01-2019)

    A recreated torrent of the broken NDS No-Intro upload. The torrent file there only has the first 141 files in it, but the ZIP has everything. So I downloaded everything and made a new torrent file with all the...
  17. Kippykip

    ExaGear Archive

    Since ExaGear got discontinued, here's an archive of all the files and emails...
  18. Kippykip

    PowerISO 6.6 x64 - Portable

    Made a portable precracked version of PowerISO using VMware Thinapp. Here you go bois. Download
  19. Kippykip

    We're back! - 5th, September 2018

    WOOO after a full week or so, the Kippykip Forums is back! Under a new host, I moved to a smaller host as it's way cheaper and has way more privacy for me. It was getting a bit expensive with my last host (especially since nobody donates lol) so I've now cut down the site a little bit. This...
  20. Kippykip

    PlayStation 2 Slim - PS1 Memory Card read fix!

    So it turns out for the slim models, Sony removed the 7.6V line for the memory card slots as they never manufactured any memory cards or adapters that used this connection so they got rid of it's functionality. This trace is required for counterfeit PS1 memory cards to operate (which always step...