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    PSP Theme Converter 1.6 (Sony's PSP Theme Maker Tool)

    This version is probably on my old XP sata, honestly. I might dig for it sometimes. Glad you were able to find this, though. It's a bitch to find, for sure. Theme creator is kind of retarded though. Sony lets you upload folder icons, but the PTFs aren't allowed to use them on the actual PSP..
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    PSP Theme archive thread!

    A 'leopard' OSX styled theme. Found in an unearthed PTF archive; this was the only decent theme.
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    PSP Theme archive thread!

    Here's my goodies that i've archived over the years: 1006locorocoMC_r - OFFICIAL Japanese Loco Roco theme LittleBigPlanetPSP - OFFICIAL Little Big Planet theme Locoroco2_psp_ja - OFFICIAL Japanese logo roco 2 theme Locoroco2_theplanet_jp - like above but special moder_warfare_2_theme - custom...
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    oy vey

    oy vey
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    ProtectionID - Game File Protection Scanner and more!

    BET is is useless against my custom encryption.
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    GBA Doom II Modding Tools! - 0.2 Beta

    Thanks. but... for?
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    Panasonic Toughbook CF-28 MK2 Drivers

    ...and finish the last 3% of Icy Tools..
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    GBA Doom II Modding Tools! - 0.2 Beta

    xengayro 2.0
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    [JAVA] Minecraft Beta 1.3_01

    Left face it, we're never touching SVN again because java sucksss
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    [PC] Disney's Hercules

    Big poof in a skirt wearing lesbian sandals xd
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    J E F F
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    Wondershare Thread