LoadTexture ( file$[,flags] )


file$ - filename of image file to be used as texture

flags (optional) - texture flag:
1: Color (default)
2: Alpha
4: Masked
8: Mipmapped
16: Clamp U
32: Clamp V
64: Spherical environment map
128: Cubic environment map
256: Store texture in vram
512: Force the use of high color textures


Load a texture from an image file and returns the texture's handle. Supported file formats include: BMP, PNG, TGA and JPG. Only PNG and TGA support alpha.

The optional flags parameter allows you to apply certain effects to the texture. Flags can be added to combine two or more effects, e.g. 3 (1+2) = texture with colour and alpha maps.

See CreateTexture for more detailed descriptions of the texture flags.

Something to consider when applying texture flags to loaded textures is that the texture may have already had certain flags applied to it via the TextureFilter command. The default for the TextureFilter command is 9 (1+8), which is a coloured, mipmapped texture. This cannot be overridden via the flags parameter of the LoadTexture command - if you wish for the filters to be removed you will need to use the ClearTextureFilters command, which must be done after setting the graphics mode (setting the graphics mode restores the default texture filters).

See also: CreateTexture, LoadAnimTexture.


; LoadTexture Example
; -------------------

Graphics3D 640,480
SetBuffer BackBuffer()


RotateEntity light,90,0,0

PositionEntity cube,0,0,5

; Load texture
tex=LoadTexture( "media/b3dlogo.jpg" )

; Texture cube with texture
EntityTexture cube,tex

While Not KeyDown( 1 )


If KeyDown( 208 )=True Then pitch#=-1
If KeyDown( 200 )=True Then pitch#=1
If KeyDown( 203 )=True Then yaw#=-1
If KeyDown( 205 )=True Then yaw#=1
If KeyDown( 45 )=True Then roll#=-1
If KeyDown( 44 )=True Then roll#=1

TurnEntity cube,pitch#,yaw#,roll#





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