How to compile PCSX-Reloaded on Linux (Debian)

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    Alright, so I'm gonna pretend you're completely new to Linux as I was and try to compile a simple program.
    A lot of programs need to be compiled from the source (for some reason). I think it's because if they want the program to work on different architectures (such as ARM, PowerPC devices etc) as well as a desktop computer.

    I'm gonna assume you've tried programming on Windows and at least know how to use CMD as the process on linux is almost the same.

    Anyway, you need to add the debian repository URL to the system (this lets you download tons of libraries and plugins etc just through the command line!).
    I didn't figure this out to late and I was pulling my hair out wondering why apt-get couldn't ever find jack shit

    First of all open the terminal, and type "SU" and type your password.
    This makes it run in ROOT (Linux's version of an admin account).
    You'll know if it's in ROOT if it has a # instead of a $ at the end.
    Type in whatever notepad program you're using (qedit is the default I think).
    And go to the root of the harddrive and open
    Then open your web browser go to:
    and find a mirror closest to your country (DON'T PICK AUSTRALIA! IT'S SLOW AS FUCK! Use Japan instead if you're Australian like me!).
    copy the URL and put a "deb" at the start and put "jessie main" at the end.
    You and also do it a 2nd time if you want with "deb-src" if you want.
    You should have something like this in your sources.list

    #                   OFFICIAL DEBIAN REPOS                   
    ###### Debian Main Repos
    deb jessie main
    deb-src jessie main 
    If you want an easier way of doing it, check out this generator. It's what I use:

    Anyway save that file afterwards.

    After all that's done, now type:
    apt-get update
    This will update the list of programs and libraries so your computer knows where to download these files.

    Now Apt-get is going to be your best friend. It you just have to type:
    apt-get install {PLUGINNAME}
    Whenever you need to download something. It's usually always on there.

    Now before you can compile ANYTHING, you will have to install the compiler. You do this by typing:
    apt-get install build-essential
    It should install a lot stuff. But this allows the "make" command and such to work.

    Now we need to install the PCSX-R libraries, they never fucking mentioned this anywhere in the README, I had to dig an obscure thread on a forum to find this.
    Anyway, you have to type:
    apt-get install subversion autoconf intltool libtool libsdl1.2-dev libgtk-3-dev libxv-dev libxtst-dev nasm
    That should install a fuckton of libraries. The good thing about this is that if other programs use the same libraries, you won't have to install anything later.

    Now I'm guessing you've already downloaded the source code from the PCSXR website, if you haven't do it now. It should be some sort of tar.bz2 file.

    Extract it and then go back in the terminal and browse to where you extracted.
    cd Downloads\pcsxr

    Anyway, you have to make a "configure" file if it isn't already there.
    PCSX-R already has this as an SH script. So just run (yes the .\ is necessary for some reason):
    It should make a configure script afterwards, if not just open in a text editor and type the same commands manually.

    Now you can run the configure script, just type:
    and it should do all that for you.

    Now we can actually build and install the program!
    Just type:
    make install
    HOPEFULLY it should work now, hurray if it did!
    You can now run PCSXR by typing "pcsxr" in the terminal or something.
    When you "MAKE" programs, it usually puts it in "usr\local\bin" or in "usr\games" somewhere like that.

    Now the process is usually the same for the majority of programs, it's just a matter of fact of finding the

    Hopefully this helped you, have fun! (Not really, it's tedious)

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